Goats, Llamas and Waves!

The boys and I went on an epic adventure and took Grandma along for the road trip. If you've never heard of 'Guess Where Trips' you should google them NOW! This awesome little trip was curated for us with many stop options along the way. The best part is that every stop and the final destination is a surprise!!! When you sign up for a trip you get some general information on where abouts you are heading, with some clues on the type of trip and who the trip is best suited for. We knew this trip was going to be a little farther away so we planned on making it an overnighter. Needless to say we had a wonderful time, exploring areas of Ontario we had never seen. I of course had to photograph every minute of it! So many awesome photo ops, and of course as the kids are getting older I take every opportunity I can do capture them doing what they do. I know I'll cherish these photos for years to come, and look back on them often as they grow older. I often do family portraits for families, but my passion is taking images of children just being themselves in the moment. That's how we will remember them, and the best images to me are ones that evoke a memory, a way of life, or a time we had, and what better way than to capture your family doing something you love together! Again highly recommend 'Guess Where Trips' - go check em out if you haven't already. That's it for now,